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The world of dark art is as captivating as it is mysterious. And in the land down under, Australia, a unique and thriving community of dark artists has emerged. From stunning paintings to haunting sculptures, this artists talents and individuality pushes the boundaries of creativity and delves into the depths of the unknown.


Here at DC, Art is life, It is perception, It is self-expression. Creation is our drive, It is our passion,

It is why you are here.


Dissimulation creations founder - JB, is a Western Australian trade qualified dark artist and what you see before you are the products and services they offer. Whether you are looking for artwork and design, custom apparel, commissioned work or custom signage. If your a fellow artist seeking inspiration or even a lover of dark aesthetics looking to adorn your space with macabre beauty, this page will introduce you to the captivating world of Australian dark art. So, let's embark on a journey into the shadows and uncover the hidden treasures of Australian dark artistry.

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